Nutrition Counseling through IHHS Interprofessional Clinic

Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff has aligned with the IHHS Interprofessional Clinic to offer free Nutrtion Counseling. This is available to faculty, staff, retirees and spouses/domestic partners. If you are interested, please contact Stephanie McDaniel for more information. (

Online Nutrition Resources

USDA - Choose My Plate

Eat Right - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

American Heart Association

American Diabetes Association

American Cancer Society

National Institute for Aging

NIH - We Can!

Havard T. Chan School of Public Health - The Nutrition Source

Nutrtion for Exercise...coming soon


 Eating Right During Pregnancy

The Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Hypertension...coming soon

Grocery Shopping...coming soon

Plate Building/Meal Prep...coming soon

Restraunts...coming soon

Local Sustainable Resources 

High Country Food Hub

Watauga Farmer's Market