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Health Promotion for faculty and staff Appalachian State UniversityThe Health Promotion program provides Appalachian State University staff, faculty, and their spouses/domestic partners with information, programs, and services that help to promote a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life. Major components of the program include health and fitness, preventive care, and outreach programs.

Where are we?

Health Promotion is located at Leon Levine Hall Room 253 . Our facility is available to all faculty, staff, and their spouses/domestic partners at no charge. Before using the facility you must fill out a Health History Form.

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Update on Varsity Gym HPFS Facility

Since October 2018, Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff (HPFS) has operated from Leon Levine Hall due to water infiltration resulting from clogged drains, an insufficient pumping system and outdated piping.  HPFS’ preventive care measures (blood work, health screenings, etc.) and outreach programs (blood drives, First Aid/CPR classes, ergonomic assessments, etc.) continued operations with minimal impact.  The Fitness and Health component of our services suffered the greatest challenges. The lack of independent cardiovascular exercise and strength training facilities negatively affected Health Promotion’s general fitness activities with a 46% decline, overall, in participation this past year. Partnerships with University Recreation (UREC) and the Health and Exercise Science Department minimized the impact closing Varsity Gym had on personal training, as Health Promotion was able to continue its training sessions within Levine Hall’s Exercise Science Resistance Labs and UREC’s Mt. Mitchell facility. We are grateful for their support and collaboration. 

We are pleased to provide a very positive update to this experience. Thanks to administrative and campus-wide support for HPFS, we are projected to return home with at least partial operations in November. Full operations are anticipated to commence at the beginning of Spring 2020.

THANK YOU for your patience and support!! We will update you with more specific dates and information as they become available.